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It's no secret that the Instagram social network is an excellent platform for promoting a business or increasing popularity. There are tons of examples of people who have made progress by promoting Instagram. You can really earn a lot of money on the network, the main thing is to promote your account, gain the maximum number of subscribers, collect a large number of likes so that other users of the social network can see that there is such a popular channel in their feed thanks to friends.

You need to understand that quality content is sometimes not enough to promote your business and your own account. Free methods of promoting Instagram, special sites for promoting likes, or the help of specialists who can raise your channel to the top in just a week, conquering the hearts of a multi-million audience will come to the rescue. But you can also independently promote your Instagram page, adhering to simple rules, knowing the secrets of promotion. In any case, you can just buy followers on your inst.


The promotion of an Instagram account is a rather laborious and complex task, consisting of many factors that have a positive effect on the statistics of channel visits, clicks on internal links, and so on. In order to promote Instagram, you need to adhere to the standard rules:

1. Promotion of an Instagram account directly depends on the correctness of the hashtag writing. It is not enough just to make a description of an existing photo with advertising or simple thematic content. You need to attract active subscribers, and for this hashtags like #instafollow, #followme, etc. are suitable.

2. Promotion of Instagram is associated with a large number of likes. The more you give them to other active users of the Instagram network, the more people will notice you. On average, 100 hearts put down by unknown users under the photo add 6 subscribers to the account, which will, of course, be sorted later. Only representatives of the target audience will remain.

3. Conducting contests on the channel. Promotions will help attract subscribers and promote your account. It is enough to publish a thematic picture, ask in the description to support the contest with a like in order to take part in the drawing.

4. Among the free methods of promotion is the promotion of an Instagram profile in other social networks, such as the promotion of VK groups. It is necessary to describe in detail what the blog is interesting for, what can be found in the online store, if Instagram is for business, invite people to join.

5. You need to try to attract a high-quality audience with common and popular hashtags for global search. In addition, it is advisable to periodically update hashtags in order to attract new subscribers and write interesting comments.

6. Choosing the right time for posting. Netizens are most active at two o'clock in the afternoon and at five o'clock in the evening.

By adhering to these simple ways to promote your own Instagram page, everyone will be able to attract several hundred or thousands of subscribers from the global search. But to promote your business and promote Instagram, you need more followers. Other secrets from experienced Instagrammers will help to cope with the task.


First of all, if you want to become an Instagram star, you need to remember that it is not the number of posted images with comments and signatures that matters, but the quality of the content. If you do not want to turn to paid services for advertising likes and subscribers, you need to take care of the quality of the photo, leave only the most beautiful photos. Use more popular filters, fill out the section with personal information, add hashtags to the information. Remember that followers love to connect with the people they follow. Create an imaginary dialogue by reaching out to your followers.

Visit more promoted Instagram pages, view the column with recommended friends, look at their subscribers and try to lure the audience over to you. Another popular way to promote your Instagram blog is by interacting with other bloggers who might advertise your profile. If we are not talking about a business account or a store on the Internet, but about a simple blog, then you should take care of the content where your face will be visible, such photos get much more likes. But for business, branded hashtags are more suitable.

Another free method and trick is to share photos of subscribers advertising your product or service, or search for pictures with similar hashtags and share them. In response, these Instagram users will share your post. Don't be shy, ask to comment on the post and like the post. Lead a conversation in the comments, if you are subscribed to channels with a similar topic, this will allow influential users to notice you.


Free methods of promotion Instragram or the service of promoting likes on the institute do not always work or give a temporary result. This is only relevant if you need to attract a small audience, just share your stories and find friends. But to promote an Instagram account for business, you need more powerful resources and fast automatic promotion. And the paid SMM service SMMSTATS will help with this, offering a variety of services at affordable prices.

The peculiarity of cooperation with a specialized service is that experienced specialists will carry out complex work and quickly promote a page on the social network, bringing in a multimillion audience and active followers. At the same time, the success of promotion is guaranteed, regardless of the subject of the page, if the work is done by really professionals in their field.


You can order the promotion of your Instagram account by contacting a paid service. Specialists of such organizations approach this issue in a comprehensive manner, if you need to maintain a page from scratch, or partially, when you need to promote subscribers, likes, views, transitions, etc. Automatic promotion should be ordered for business profiles, where advertisements for services and products with links to the official website, etc. will be placed.

The main task of such services is to create packaging and promotion of an instagram profile with a guarantee of results.

Advanced companies do not just promote, but fully develop a concept to attract the largest number of target audience. When drawing up a promotion plan, even the smallest details are taken into account, which ultimately lead to success. We can also provide you with the promotion of a telegram channel or chat.

What the specialists of paid services do to promote an Instagram account:

✔ creating and placing ads on social networks to promote your profile and attract the attention of active users, not bots;

✔ publication of photos and videos with a unique design, description, hashtags, interesting comments;

✔ increasing the number of live followers in the Instagram application for your account, reaching the target audience;

✔ promotion of new and little-known products that will become massive and popular;

✔ putting things in order in marketing so that you can positively influence the level of sales using the social network Instagram.

Entrepreneurs turn to paid services to promote Instagram when they do not want to promote themselves, but want to focus on improving the service and quality of the products they offer. For effective promotion, targeted advertising, automatic promotion, marketing moves, account packaging are used, starting with creating a thematic and original avatar, ending with a unique hashtag for holding promotions, etc.


Targeted advertising is rightfully considered the most effective way to promote a business profile on the Instagram social network. Posting posts in news feed and stories allows you to grab the attention of active subscribers. For this, various promotional videos, advertising banners with promotions and special offers, a series of cyclic images and comments calling for action to subscribe to the channel, put likes, follow the links are used. The peculiarity of targeted advertising consists in showing the advertising material only to those active users who will really be interested in the product or service. And the rest simply will not see your advertising and the funds for promotion will be used only for their intended purpose.

The result of this method of promoting an Instagram account will directly depend on the budget. Detailed statistics provided by specialists of paid services will allow you to track detailed statistics, see the results of advertising in real time.

Another popular way to promote your Instagram profile is mass viewing of other people's stories, which is considered the safest method of promotion, but quite effective. The promoting profile will view more than a million stories of the target audience per day. This is not considered spam, so there is no threat of Instagram blocking. The advantage of this method of promotion is the exclusion of interaction with bots, inactive accounts. The result will not be long in coming - hundreds and thousands of visits to your page every day, an increase in the target audience's interest in the profile and an increase in the number of subscribers.


Effective promotion of commercial-type pages or simple accounts to increase the target audience and further cooperation with influential active network users is a reality. Unlike promoting an Instagram account for free, such services guarantee active subscriptions to real people, not robots. Other advantages of ordering services to promote an account on Instagram include:

✔ increase in sales by several hundred or thousand times, depending on the number of attracted active subscribers;

✔ audience loyalty and reputation management;

✔ 100% live subscribers with minimal risk of further unsubscribing from the Instagram page, as is the case with bots;

✔ cooperation without intermediaries and quick implementation of the promotion of an instagram profile, which with independent promotion could have been achieved after months or even years.

Complex work on promoting an Instagram account can consist of various services, which include profile auditing, creating an SMM strategy, administering a page with the subsequent elimination of spam, and giving answers in the comments. Other services from paid services include the promotion of posts and likes, subscribers, mass-liking, mass-following, mass-commenting, developing a monthly plan for posted content, holding contests, organizing consultations for participants, active users, etc.


Experienced specialists use only an individual approach to each order, depending on the purpose of the profile, create a selling design for business accounts, a unique page design, guarantee communication with subscribers, the development of a special logo and corporate hashtag.


Promotion of an Instagram page from the SMMSTATS service is a guarantee of a reliable result, one hundred percent promotion and getting the largest target audience in just a few hours or days, depending on which service the customer decides to use. In rare cases, depending on the chosen method of promoting your Instagram account, you may not see the promotion of likes or subscribers for several hours, which is important for packages with bots.

We guarantee a minimum unsubscription, so you will always remain in the plus of likes and subscribers. We maintain complete confidentiality of the client, the layout of the results of work only by agreement of the parties. Beforehand, we are discussing a strategy for promoting an Instagram profile, selecting a target audience, filtering users, removing bots and stores.


SMMSTATS offers its clients the following services to promote an Instagram account:

✔ likes on photos, videos, albums that will always work;

✔ likes on photos (offers) with the start of the order within an hour after submitting the application and fast implementation (promotion of the post) thanks to an up-to-date source;

✔ fast and reliable hearts in the photo, which is important for Instagram profile holders who want to rise to the top of commercial images;

✔ adding offer subscribers with fast adding and a huge base;

✔ likes with reach and impressions (offer users of the Instagram network), which allows, in parallel with hearts, to receive additional impressions and reach of the target audience, which are displayed in the profile;

✔ hearts with reach and impressions for a quick start and promotion of an instagram profile, which was created relatively recently;

✔ views of videos with a high speed of adding information to the profile (offers);

✔ adding subscribers to your account with automatic promotion and recovery;

✔ views of videos by bots with a large database of several million;

✔ a set of active subscribers to the profile, which are not written off.

In addition, SMM service SMMSTATS offers its clients comprehensive services for the promotion of a turnkey Instagram account. Package offers Premium, Gold, Platinum, VIP allow you to perform all the necessary manipulations to attract the target audience, add active Instagram users, set likes at the best price. The price includes the implementation of all package services throughout the month.

When promoting a profile on the Instagram social network, it is important to remember that only an integrated approach will allow you to get a positive result. It is not enough just to attract active users, you need to interest them with high-quality content and interesting materials, which will allow you to quickly bring the page to the rating of the most popular among users and demanded among advertisers.