Accumulative discount

Cumulative discount system for all clients and for all services


Tariffs for the cumulative discount system

The discount does not expire and remains with the client forever.

The discount percentage depends on the total amount of all orders ever placed on our website.

SMM Level 1

Spent from $100

1% Discount

SMM Level 2

Spent from $250

2% Discount

SMM Level 3

Spent from $500

3% Discount

SMM Level 4

Spent from $800

4% Discount

SMM Level 5

Spent from $1500

5% Discount

SMM Mafia

Spent from $3000

6% Discount

SMM Knight

Spent from $5000

7% Discount

SMM King

Spent from $10000

8% Discount

SMM Angel

Spent from $15000

9% Discount

SMM Diamond

Spent from $30000

10% Discount

As soon as you switch to the new tariff, write to our support to receive a discount.