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It is quite easy to gain popularity and monetize traffic on TikTok. It is necessary to order a tiktok promotion service, which is not much different from the promotion of similar video hosting sites and social networks. The main thing here is the constant increase in the number of likes and the number of subscribers. The more of them, the more authoritative the channel and the higher it ranks among competitors. In the social network TikTok, designed for posting and viewing small music videos, the principle implemented in a conventional search engine works.

Based on the tags and content, the channel is shown to users in accordance with the entered queries. Self-promotion among many such channels is almost impossible task. For these purposes, there is a tiktok cheat by professional optimizers. If the channel starts to spin up, then this phenomenon grows like an avalanche. Rapid advancement at this moment is dangerous due to the possibility of blocking the channel and falling under the filter. If the budget allows, we recommend ordering complex production for your profile or brand.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to wind up the tick current, only by "white" methods and preferably with the involvement of paid professional services. The main point of winding up the channel is the ability to extract good profit in the future, while simultaneously becoming a popular video blogger.


The question of how to wind up a tik tok always worries users of this musical social network. The Chinese, when creating their service, have already laid down the necessary functionality for the initial optimization of the channel. But, since this is an international project, the audience living in the user's region is most appreciated. Thus, a targeted regional visitor is needed for high-quality channel promotion. The most valuable in our country are subscribers and likes from Russian users, as well as from the CIS countries.

Since the main source of income is advertising in tik tok, one must approach the promotion of the channel seriously and carefully. You can untwist the tick current, both free of charge and for a fee.

If we take into account the current prices for advertising in tik tok and the money spent on promotion, then these amounts are not comparable!

Of the free methods, the slowest and most reliable one is creating high-quality videos and attracting visitors on your own. You can subscribe to other users in the hope that they will subscribe to this channel too. You can fill in the meta tags correctly and fulfill all the conditions for placing clips. Thus, in a year and a half, the system can confidently find the channel in the search. This path is suitable for people who just enjoy making videos, playing music and posting their work on the Internet.

In order for the promotion of Tik Tok online to be successful and, most importantly, fast, you need to use the services of a paid service, where, depending on the tariff plan, certain guarantees and terms of work are given.

Of the free methods, you can mark mutual subscriptions, likes and ratings. However, there is a significant disadvantage here, a search robot can easily detect a pattern in the appearance of likes and ratings. And this is already a chance to fall under the filter and, instead of the expected privileges, be blocked. Re-unblocking if possible, but after that the channel will be at the very tail of the competitors.

Such a parameter as ad prices per tik tok depends, among other things, on the quality of the published content, and on the positive karma of this profile.

Another way is to leave comments under popular posts. Here, the authors of the post themselves may suspect something was wrong and delete the comment, mark it as spam, or come up with something even worse.

Therefore, there remains one legal way to cheat tik tok online - to contact a specialist for a fee. The only thing to remember is that if you once started promoting your TikTok for money, you will have to pay constantly. As soon as the artificial wave of subscribers subsides, the channel will slowly and surely go down in ranking.

Previously, this site was known under the Internet address musical.ly - a Chinese media site. Popularity on this site gives such advantages as:

✔ traffic monetization;

✔ influx of advertisers;

✔ good income.

Therefore, the promotion of tiktok is one of the most demanded services that are ordered to "pump" Internet traffic. There are two criteria by which a tiktok account is considered promoted - the number of subscribers and the number of likes. Then everything is simple. The higher the number according to these criteria, the more advertisers are willing to pay for placing advertisements for their goods or services.

You can promote both the entire channel and individual posts that turned out to be the most successful. If the promotion of tik tok is done by professionals, they can give detailed advice on this issue.


High-quality views by live users, and not by bots on TikTok, give real popularity, which is recognized by the search robots of the system. A popular post may go into the recommended one, which is actually the main purpose of promotion. To get to the main page, to the recommended ones, it means to announce yourself to millions of users who can in a short time go off the scale in the number of subscribers, likes and views. Promotion of a TikTok account primarily requires the service of cheating TikTok subscribers for a newly created profile.

To promote your account from scratch, you need to choose a reliable site for cheating in tik tok, with live views and high responsibility. For a small fee, you can increase the number of privileges exponentially. For each active TikTok user, there are subscriptions, comments, likes similar to the service for the largest social network of Pavel Durov, namely views on telegram posts. It remains only to win them over to your side.

Indeed, in addition to the trust of the search engines of the system, the trust of other network users is important. It is based on a very simple fact - there must be many who have already watched the video and appreciated it. It is enough to find a site for promotion in tik tok, which actually works, as the promotion takes effect, and soon the channel will be profitable.

Here we must remember one feature of the media platform - the promoted account will be advertised by the platform itself, as trustworthy of a large number of users. This is a golden time for every media blogger!

A distinctive feature of the TikTok platform is the presence of an application that can also be installed on a desktop. A familiar android window opens in the application and a feed of videos or posts recommended for viewing appears. It is the cherished dream of all tiktopers to get into this tape. Accordingly, advertising in tik tok will not keep you waiting.


Let's consider the main theses of promotion to the TOP:

1. First of all, it is, of course, the quality of the content posted. The simple answer to the question - how to promote tik tok - is to create content that will appeal to users. If the rates of subscriptions and likes grow, the system will automatically display the post in the recommended ones for free.

2. Hashtags. Having the right hashtag design is key for someone who wants to know how to promote tik tok? Only the most popular hashtags should be used. Quite a lot of users are looking for content by hashtags that are of interest to them.

3. Comments, subscriptions, likes. You can post a lot of likes, subscriptions and comments to the posts of other users on the site every day. Mutually, someone will subscribe to your channel. To increase efficiency, you need to work only with those videos where the number of subscribers has exceeded 30K. In this case, there is an opportunity to lure fans - newbies to your profile.If the content is to their liking, then it is quite possible that they will remain on this account and become fans. But, it should be remembered that no one canceled the daily subscription limit! Often in the comments there is an offer to exchange a subscription. This is also quite a working option.

But still, if you need a powerful and prompt result, the easiest way is to order a tik tok from professionals, for little money. The main thing in this case is to buy promotion constantly!

As a bonus, if you decide to buy advertising in tik tok, we will reveal another secret cheating method - joint filming with a well-promoted user, which is already quite popular. There are many advantages here:

✔ showing on two or more pages;

✔ the transition of fans from one channel to another;

✔ it is always interesting to watch when two or more people are filmed;

✔ huge scope for creativity.

It remains only to solve the problem of how to order a tiktok and attract a promoted user. There are two options - pay him or be so creative and creative that a popular user himself wants to shoot a joint video.


Our service offers two main options for boosting tik tok views, these are likes and subscribers. It is enough to choose the required format and tariff plan. After paying for the service, a positive result should be expected in the near future. As a rule, all orders are processed very quickly. If a large amount of wrapping is required at once, then for the sake of account security, the order will be executed as soon as possible.

There are several options for choosing subscriptions or likes if you buy advertising on tik tok. They differ in the nature of the service and, accordingly, in cost:

✔ ordinary subscribers from among the users of the media platform, and simple likes (the quality can be ordinary, medium, high);

✔ live users (the quality criteria are the same).

The cost of live subscriptions is more expensive than "ordinary" ones. In addition, real users, in addition to subscribing, leave comments, make likes and share their favorite videos on the network. In terms of quality, such a boost of tik tok views is much higher, this affects the formation of the cost of the service.

Professionals advise doing PR in tik tok on new video clips. The newly added content has been hanging on the homepage for a while and has no history yet. It's time for his promotion to the higher echelons.

The main offer of paid services of our service (how much PR costs in tik tok can be found on the page of tariff plans):

✔ real live "Like" with no limit on the number;

✔ all actions on the page leading to its promotion are performed for a minimum fee;

✔ any amount of subscribers and "Like" are taken into account.

It is not difficult to create PR in tik tok. Fill out the application, indicate the link to the video and pay for the order.

Benefits from cooperation with our service:

✔ active user behavior on the TIK TOK page;

✔ the service and advertisers will definitely be interested in a promising channel;

✔ likes and subscribers will grow rapidly;

✔ own popularity on this media platform, and, accordingly, on the Internet in general.

We provide honest services to promote the tik tok account, we use only "white technologies".


In addition to the paid promotion of tik tok, the price, which depends on the selected service and tariff plan, you can additionally promote your channel yourself. This will have an overall positive effect. It is necessary to order this service from popular bloggers, find out their prices and use for their own purposes. As soon as the number of subscribers on the profile approaches 20,000, you can start correspondence with accounts that have approximately the same number of subscribers and exchange your resources. With good quality content, the number of subscribers will surely increase within a few months, you can reach a decent level in the rating.

Now tik tok price depends on several indicators:

✔ how much the channel has already been promoted;

✔ average cost per PR;

✔ required volume of service;

✔ individual order conditions.

To control the quality of the service performed, you can track the increase in the number of likes. Usually, these are numbers located under the symbolic image of the heart. This allows you to wind up views in tik tok with control over the situation.

If an order was made to wind up views in tik tok, and there are still no likes? There may be several reasons:

✔ low quality videos;

✔ the link to the material is incorrect;

✔ the video itself is incorrectly placed.

All technical issues can be solved with the personal manager of our service. The quality of the material must be controlled independently. The service interface allows you to figure it out in a few minutes and order a tik tok cheat cheaply and quickly.

Almost all tik tok wrap orders are cheap, executed very quickly. Work begins immediately by choosing a tariff and crediting funds to a personal account. The maximum execution time is about 72 hours.

Advertising is purchased by both users to promote their own accounts, and advertisers for commercial purposes. Therefore, the question of how much advertising in tik tok costs now sounds quite relevant. It all depends on the popularity of the resource chosen for advertising.


After the completion of the promotion project, the rating of the account in the system will increase sharply, at this moment you can find out the cost of advertising in tik tok, to communicate with potential customers - advertisers. Further, the reputation will be influenced by the frequency of placement and the quality of materials. The audience will already be ready to view and rate new content. The status of the account will also improve, which will lead to more frequent hits in the recommended ones. As a result, you will need less use of the paid service like on tiktok of our smmstats service.

Of course, in order for the cost of advertising per tik token on a user's channel to be decent, you need to have a "pumped-up" profile. At first, it will be very difficult to compete with popular media bloggers. Our service will definitely take you to the TOP TIK TOK!

The question of how much PR in tik tok costs when working with our service is not significant. All prices are transparent and are calculated exactly based on the cost of the services provided.

The service uses the latest data encryption system, so all transactions are absolutely protected and safe. We do not need passwords from the profile on the media platform, just a link to the account is enough.

We guarantee the quality of our services. For all questions, you can contact your personal manager through your personal account or write to technical support.