Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers to them, if you have not found an answer to your question, write to us.

SMMSTATS.COM is a platform that provides a convenient automated website with various online promotion services for the client and business, in which the client can independently place an order and track the work process.

1. Create an account

Make sure to start with creating an account and log in.

2. Deposit funds

Add funds through a payment method you prefer the most.

3. Place an order

Select the services you need to help your business get more popular.

We have a huge selection of different SMM services on various social networks. 

The full list of services and prices can be found on the "Services" page.

The speed of services depends on many factors, but we have one of the fastest SMM services.

You can see the estimated start time and speed of the service in its description.

Please note: The estimated start time and speed are based on an estimate and can be changed at any time depending on network usage, server congestion and/or queue order.

It is safe if you do not promote prohibiting goods and services. More details about this can be found in the section "Terms & Policy".

Do not pay attention to these marks, these are notes with server numbers for our programmers (they use them to quickly find servers and debug software on it).

Contact our support team, we may be able to cancel the order or correct the link.

Wait, if nothing changes within 3 days from the moment of placing the order, then write to our support team, we will take action. If you have ordered an unstable service, you will have to wait a week and after that we take measures, unstable services may hang, keep this in mind for the future.

Yes, with us you can simultaneously order an unlimited number of orders for different objects.

However, do not place the same order for the same link several times at the same time, wait until the order is completed and only then place an identical order.

Yes, you can freely resell any of our services with your mark-up manually or via the API.

We also give you the opportunity to get a franchise from us, you will have a full-fledged website on which your customers will order our services at your markup, you will earn automatically. More information about the lease can be found here - SMM Panel Franchise

You can earn money from us in 2 ways:

1. Resell any of our services with your mark-up manually, through the API or get Franchise, learn more about Franchise.

2. Earn money through the referral program. You can attract customers to our website and receive 15% of net profit from their deposits. The minimum withdrawal amount is from $10. 

How to use the Mass Order?

You can place multiple orders with different links at the same time using the mass order function.

Why do I need a Mass Order?

The mass order option is used to save time when you need to place multiple orders.

Write to our support team, tell us the payment method and amount, we will check the receipts manually and we will credit the money to your balance.