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Most businesses underestimate the vital power a strong presence on Pinterest can have on their market bottom line. Our clients whom are currently dominating their niche on Pinterest and driving significant referral traffic to their website from the Pinterest followers and activity we provide at the most affordable price.

Our SMM Panel puts you on the right path to succeed and grow on Pinterest with access to followers and Pin activities whenever you need it. 

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Pinterest professional promotion is a successful start of the project. Your photos and collections will become popular and in demand if you entrust the promotion of Pinterest to the professionals of the SMMSTATS.COM website. Our Pinterest promotion will be as cheap as possible, but will bring real benefits and will allow you to achieve your goals as early as 2022.

Experts agree that Pinterest is a promising platform that opens up huge opportunities for advertising, business development, successful sales, brand promotion and website promotion among an active user audience. Therefore, if you plan to use the social network to increase popularity and good monetization, hurry up to get Pinterest promotion using the services of our website. Using the SMMSTATS SMM Panel, you can get Pinterest subscribers, likes and repins online, without tasks and complicated registration.

To promote a project from scratch, you need to have a large audience of followers who will be active on the page. It is quite difficult to achieve universal recognition on your own, even if you offer the public high-quality photo content. Paid Pinterest promotion will help you save time and effort and gain the necessary resources as quickly as possible.


Already today, thousands of site users are interested in how to advance on Pinterest? Automatic SMM panel SMMSTATS offers the best SMM promotion from a computer or mobile phone at competitive prices.

Promoting Pinterest will bring obvious benefits to your profile:

  • Increase the level of trust and interest in the account and published photos. The thing is that users have great confidence in popular promoted profiles that have many followers, hundreds of likes under the photo and dozens of repins.
  • It will allow you to advertise goods or services, increase brand awareness.
  • Increase the internal page rank and get into the recommended blocks.
  • If you use Pinterest to promote your main site, then Pinterest promotion will increase targeted traffic.

As you already understood, Pinterest promotion is necessary and useful for any page. With its help, you can quickly promote any project from scratch and reach a new level. Feel free to use SMMSTATS.COM to get new followers, likes or repins. We know exactly how to promote an account on Pinterest quickly and without risks. At the same time, the results of paid SMM promotion will exceed all your expectations in 2022.


One of the easiest and most affordable ways to get followers on your page is to get followers on Pinterest using the SMMSTATS.COM program. Cheap promotion is suitable for newly created pages that have not yet had time to gather their audience of fans and become popular. The more users you can attract to your profile, the greater the chances for business development and successful sales.

Pinterest followers are an affordable and effective promotional tool. If there are already many successful profiles in your topic, then it will not be easy to get around competitors and get into the TOP of Pinterest on your own. To correct the situation and attract the attention of a large audience, Pinterest subscribers will help. The SMMSTATS.COM website offers the best followers in terms of quality - live real users who will not only subscribe, but will also be able to be active on your profile in the future (put likes, make reposts, etc.).

Cheating Pinterest followers will have a positive impact not only on the popularity of the page, but also on monetization. When site users land on a new page, they automatically view the indicator on the follower counter. A large number of followers is an indicator of the quality and popularity of content. If the page has few followers, the user is unlikely to want to subscribe and become your devoted fan. So hurry up to get followers on Pinterest right now. Once your page has a large following, further promotion will follow naturally.

Our service offers to buy Pinterest subscribers at a price 2-3 times lower than that of competitors. You can order Pinterest followers in just a few clicks and not worry about profile blocking. Getting Pinterest followers has never been so easy, fast and convenient!


The Pinterest pin is a measure of the popularity of content. The more like, the higher the rating and position of the account in the TOP Pinterest. The SMMSTATS service offers the best quality likes from live real users. A large number of hearts under the photo and a professional boost of Pinterest likes will help you not only break into the TOP of the social network and beat your competitors, but also show potential customers that you offer excellent quality, goods and services that are popular.

To become recognizable and increase the level of trust in your profile, brand or business in general, it is enough to register on the site and buy Pinterest likes without intermediaries. Online promotion from the professionals of our site will delight you not only with quality and speed, but also with safety. You can get likes on Pinterest an unlimited number of times, at any time of the day.


Automatic SMM panel SMMSTATS.COM has a simple and intuitive interface. Registration on the site takes a few minutes, does not require logins, passwords, personal data. To boost Pinterest with likes, subscribers or repins, you just need to go through a few simple steps:

  • log in to your personal account;
  • replenish the account balance using a bank card or popular payment systems (we work only with trusted financial intermediaries);
  • select the service you are interested in and fill in the main fields in the order form;
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Pinterest promotion starts within a few minutes after the order. You do not have to control how the promotion goes. The program will automatically add the ordered number of likes, choosing a safe boost rate for your profile. In a matter of hours, your photos and collections will become more popular and get to the TOP thanks to Pinterest Pin Likes, where they will be seen by the multi-million Pinterest audience.


Repin Pinterest is an effective tool for promoting your profile and content. If site users repin (repost) your posts, they automatically increase the page and content rating.

Experts in the field of SMM promotion argue that people are ready to share only the information and publications that made a strong emotional impression on them. In this regard, Pinterest reposts are considered as confirmation and indicator of the importance of promoted content.

Pinterest reposting is a kind of “word of mouth” when posts begin to spread over the network by the users themselves. All that is needed for this is to get reposts in Pinterest using the SMMStats.Com website. Paid promotion will increase audience coverage with messages, increase interest from the target audience, quickly promote your business, project and increase sales.


Cheating any resources on social networks threatens the account owner, at best, with writing off cheated followers, likes or reposts. In the worst case, a ban. Pinterest robots monitor activity in profiles around the clock and punish violators by blocking. By becoming a client of the SMMSTATS.COM website, you get a unique chance to cheat Pinterest RePins without any risks.

High-quality promotion by live users using unique algorithms makes promotion as safe as possible. Our specialists monitor changes in site limits and constantly update the program to ensure the security of customer profiles. You can be sure that an individual promotion speed will be selected for your account so that the promotion looks natural and does not attract the attention of robots.

If you want to promote Pinterest without risks, pay attention to complex promotion. Complex promotion allows you to simultaneously add followers, likes and repins, which always looks more harmonious and natural than promotion of only one of the resources. Simultaneous use boost of different types will provide maximum results of the relevance of your creativity.


A large number of sites and services offer to buy Pinterest promotion at the best prices. When choosing a service provider, you should be extremely careful. Only a few companies can offer quality SMM services at an affordable price. Most sites offer low-quality uncontrolled cheating, which not only does not bring results, but also threatens with a ban - loss of a profile. Want to make sure your Pinterest promotion goes like clockwork?

Make a choice in favor of the proven site SMMSTATS.COM. We have been working in this area for several years and we know exactly what to offer our clients. Today SMMSTATS.COM is the No. 1 cheap SMM promotion service in the world, which offers a lot of advantages for service buyers:

  • The most favorable rates - we work without intermediaries, so we offer a loyal price. In addition, we are constantly reviewing our pricing policy to make the site's services even more accessible to the majority of buyers.
  • Large range of services. On our website, you can get followers on Pinterest, likes or repins, order promotion of accounts in other popular social networks. We follow the latest fashion trends and demand, constantly expanding the list of services provided.
  • A real possibility of a stable income. The site has an affiliate program, thanks to which you can invite new users to the site and are guaranteed to receive lifetime income in the amount of 15% of the amount of referral replenishment.
  • Automatic start of services. You won't have to wait long. Followers, likes and repins will be added to your page or posts immediately after placing an order and debiting money from your account.
  • Convenient and intuitive website interface. We have made every effort to ensure that working with the service is comfortable and convenient, and does not cause problems and questions even for beginners.
  • Working support service. You ask us questions, and we promptly answer them.
  • The possibility of simultaneous promotion using the site of several accounts or groups in different social networks.
  • Pinterest followers are real users who like and repin.

Self-promotion of Pinterest is a very long and complex process, which requires a lot of time. Even with the right approach to promotion, the result does not always live up to expectations. To achieve the popularity of your own author's name and quickly promote photo collections, you should use professional promotion. In this case, promoting Pinterest will take very little time, provide you with fame, a good income, and rapid business growth through photos in 2022.