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Grow your Telegram with real followers who view, comment and interact with your content.

Relatively recently, the world-famous messenger Telegram appeared, quickly gained popularity and universal recognition. In just a couple of years, Telegram has ceased to be exclusively a means of communication. Today, users are increasingly using it to promote a business on the Web.

Every day there are more and more people who want to promote their channel in Telegram. The demand for the “Telegram channel promotion” service is growing exponentially, while professionals in the field of SMM promotion who are ready to promote Telegram with high quality are still few.

Tired of remaining in the shadow of competitors and being one of the millions of inconspicuous users? Do you want to quickly make the channel popular, in demand and profitable? Make a choice in favor of SMM service №1 SMMSTATS.COM. A team of experienced specialists in the field of professional SMM promotion will help not only boost Telegram, but also keep good results for a long time, stay at the top of the ratings.

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After ordering services to promote the channel, its popularity will begin to grow rapidly. Promotion will provide maximum benefit and various benefits for the owner:

  • growth of audience and activity;
  • creating an attractive image;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • prospects for good earnings on advertising;
  • the rapid start of an online business.

Businessmen who are engaged in online commerce are actively using paid SMM promotion in 2022 to increase sales and profitability of their own business.


Recently, the messenger has expanded its functionality and updated search filters. After that, service users got the opportunity to fully use the internal search to select channels, groups, and content of interest. For channel owners, the innovation also brought benefits - the chances of project promotion increased due to search results, namely, the location in the TOP positions of the ratings.

Immediately after the launch of innovations, the demand for cheating resources in Telegram has grown rapidly, which could provide high positions in the ranking. Users began to actively buy not only followers, but also views, which can affect the position in the TOP of the issue.

In order for the promotion of Telegram channel to bring maximum benefit and ensure high positions in the search ranking for given queries, it is important to understand exactly what factors affect the ranking:

  • The number of followers. One of the key points, but far from the only one. At the same time, the quality of the accounts subscribed to the channel is of paramount importance. Cheating bots is unlikely to allow you to get into the TOP and will more likely lead to sanctions from the administration of the service than to a rapid increase in the rating.
  • Number of publications. Search engines always take into account not only the quality but also the quantity of content. This does not mean at all that Telegram cheating means uncontrolled posting of anything. Content should be meaningful and correspond to the chosen direction as much as possible.
  • Channel age. The older the project, the easier it is to get into the TOP. Very "young" channels and communities also have a chance of good positions in the rankings, but this will require much more effort.
  • Citation in other resources. The system will take into account if your channel or group is often mentioned in other social networks, websites or forums.
  • Audience activity. To promote Telegram and make the channel popular, you need not only a large audience, but also a lot of views of publications and comments. High activity is guaranteed to ensure high positions in the ranking and allow you to gain a foothold in the TOP for a long time.

As you already understood, paid promotion in Telegram can directly affect the community's entry into the TOP , speed up this process and significantly simplify the task for the client.


The effectiveness of promotion in Telegram directly depends on the goals pursued and the methods used. Universal tools that will come to the aid of each user:

  • Interesting author's content. The publication of high-quality materials in Telegram will greatly simplify the task and help to boost the Telegram channel without much effort. Banal topics, stale discussions and low-quality content are unlikely to achieve your goals. You should not be equal to competitors who offer frank copy-paste. Author's opinion, interesting posts and catchy content - this is the main "key to success" and a real chance to quickly popularize your "brainchild".
  • Regular posting. Please the audience with new content should be regularly, not occasionally. Too intrusive publications are also useless. Remember: less often is better, but better than often and badly. Initially, consider a posting schedule and stick to it. Regular posts will help the channel stay on trend and keep up with the latest trends.
  • Analysis of competitor channels. It will help to identify strengths and weaknesses, make appropriate adjustments to the work of your channel.
  • Regular attraction of new subscribers. The success and popularity of the channel is 90% determined by the number of followers. Competent promotion of the Telegram channel will attract the target audience and significantly expand the base of potential customers.
  • Contests. One of the most effective ways to boost Telegram channel. From time to time, invite the audience to participate in a contest for gifts. For example, share an interesting post from your channel on your social media page.
  • Partnership. It involves searching in Telegram channels of related topics, which also need promotion. Contact the owners and offer mutual PR reposts. Again, keep in mind the quality of the content. Otherwise, users who follow the link to the channel but don’t see anything interesting are unlikely to want to apply for subscribers.

In addition, free catalogs in Telegram will help improve the position of the channel. Leave information, links to the channel in them and wait for the arrival of a new audience.

For those who have their own websites and maintain pages on social networks, another way to promote is to boost the Telegram channel by publishing links in them. It is important not only to leave links in accounts and websites, but also to write reasoned messages why users should follow the link and subscribe.

The best solution for those who want to quickly build a Telegram channel without delving into the intricacies of promotion on social networks is paid professional Telegram promotion from the SMMSTATS.COM service. This is a justified investment of money, which will help save time and effort, get excellent results in the very near future.


Before you start thinking about promotion, you should take care of creating the channel itself. This is an important step that needs to be given due attention. Initially, decide on the topic - choose the direction in which you are strong and well versed. Of course, in the future it will be possible to change the profile, but this may adversely affect the popularity. As a result, even paid promotion in Telegram will not help to remedy the situation.

Think about exactly what you want to tell the audience. Decided? Choose one of the current topics:

  • Humor. Most social network users come to the channels to relax and unwind. Laughter is a great opportunity to escape from everyday problems. Create a channel and just post funny jokes on it. Humor should be not only relevant, but also creative.
  • News. Everyone is a little tired of the typical "dry" news, facts from TV screens and computer monitors. The public is looking for something "fresh" in Telegram. The main difference between the news on the channels is that the author does not just talk about a specific event, but also immediately expresses his opinion about what happened.
  • Music. Without exception, users love high-quality music. It is popular and in demand at any time. Accordingly, channels dedicated to this topic are always popular and in demand among an audience of different ages.

Recently, more and more users create and use channels for business promotion. In this case, the Telegram promotion program helps to promote a specific brand, product or service. You can also dedicate a Telegram channel to your own hobby. Especially relevant is the promotion of hobbies, which brings the owner additional or basic income.


The main goal of creating most channels in the messenger is to generate income by monetizing your stay in a social network or earning money by publishing information. Telegram opens up a lot of opportunities for basic and passive income even for beginners.

Despite the fact that the messenger is well known on the Web, not every user understands how to make money using Telegram channel. The following options are possible here:

  • Publication of advertisements. Most users use this particular way of earning by posting advertisements on their channel. However, not all of them are popular. Advertisers are interested in the most famous and well-recognized channels with a large audience and high rates of follower activity. Does your channel meet these criteria? You can count on interesting and profitable advertising offers and a stable income. Telegram services will help to make a not-so-popular channel more popular. Paid promotion will increase the attractiveness of the channel in the eyes of advertisers and provide good earnings.
  • PR of less promoted accounts. If your channel has a large audience, you can help promote the channel to other users for money. Just mark your price for services and wait for great deals.
  • Online store promotion. Publication of information on the Telegram channel, which has many subscribers, will increase traffic to the main site and increase sales and profitability, respectively.
  • Selling goods or services on the channel itself. The extensive functionality and high popularity of the messenger make it possible to use the social network itself for active sales. A Telegram channel is a kind of mobile site that is always at hand, and you don’t have to spend money on administering it. You can always process orders and information on your own, even from a mobile phone, increasing profits.

These are the main ways to make money with Telegram. Almost each of them assumes the presence of a promoted channel with a large audience. This means that the cheating of subscribers in Telegram is useful to anyone who wants to monetize their presence on the site. Right now you can turn to professionals for help and order SMM promotion from SMMSTATS.COM. We do not offer to provide bots in Telegram. Our priority is a live active audience.


The number of followers in Telegram is the main indicator of the popularity of a group or channel, which in one way or another affects the amount of profit.

However, not all users of the social network use the messenger to earn money. Some users strive for banal recognition in life and on the Web. This is also affected by followers in Telegram. Consequently, a large audience is of interest to all users without exception, regardless of the purpose of being on the site. The thing is that promotion with real subscribers in Telegram allows you to:

  • Increase income from community or channel monetization - the larger the audience, the higher the earnings.
  • Increase your profile popularity – the more people see your published content, the faster new users will learn about you.
  • Increase the arrival of a real audience. Paid promotion will increase the level of trust in the channel - new followers are more actively joining communities that already have a lot of people.
  • Stand out from other channels or groups and not get lost in the shadow of more promoted competitors who already know how to get Telegram subscribers for free or paid, without registration and assignments.
  • Quickly distribute the desired content on the network. Having a wide audience of followers, you can almost instantly convey the necessary information to thousands of people and get the desired feedback.
  • Increase sales volumes. Communities and channels that already have a lot of followers inspire more trust from potential customers. A large number of followers is an indicator of reliability and quality for those who want to buy or order a service via the Internet.

This is exactly the benefit that the increasing of subscribers in Telegram from the site SMMSTATS.COM will bring. With the help of the SMM promotion service, it is possible not only to add popularity to the channel, but also to influence the opinion of the public.


Self-promotion in social networks takes a lot of time and effort. The process of popularizing a channel in Telegram can take several months or even years. This time can be better spent. For example, pay due attention to the quality of the published content. Consequently, many users prefer other promotion options and are looking for ways to get Telegram followers quickly and inexpensively.

A simple and affordable way to achieve the desired indicator on the counter is to buy Telegram followers from the SMMSTATS.COM service. We do not want to impose our services on you. Today, there are dozens of companies in the network offering effective and affordable SMM promotion. Not every service and cheat program can offer a favorable price-quality ratio and a good level of service. That is why the question of choosing a service provider is of interest to every second user. How to choose a site that will help you get subscribers to the Telegram group and not waste your money? The most important points to pay attention to:

  • Popularity and fame of the site-seller. Choose companies that are well known in the SMM services market and have been working in the field of social media promotion for several years.
  • Positive feedback. The best place to find information is specialized sites, forums and social networks. It is on such sites that users leave a real opinion, not custom reviews.
  • Analysis and comparison. Having selected several resources, conduct a comparative analysis of the conditions, prices, and quality of the resources provided.
  • Evaluate the functionality of the site and its design. Merchants who fail to take proper care of the design of their resource are unlikely to be able to offer good quality services to customers and a decent level of service.
  • Choose services that do not request sensitive information. To add subscribers to a channel, the program does not need to know your username, password, or mobile phone number.
  • Assess the quality of the service description. It is important that the client understands what exactly he is paying money for.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the support service. If questions and problems are solved by the company's managers as quickly as possible, feel free to buy services.
  • Pay attention to the item with guarantees. Having it is a big advantage. In the event of disputes or problems in the future, you can refer specifically to the warranty obligations of the contractor.
  • Ability to test the quality of services. Most trusted sellers offer a minimum order. Only testing the service will allow you to evaluate the quality of subscribers, the speed of adding resources and understand whether such a boost of Telegram subscribers to the channel is right for you.

Simple rules and tips will help you choose the most suitable service for paid SMM promotion on social networks, initially identify unscrupulous sellers and scammers, wind up subscribers in the Telegram channel without risks.


One of the most popular questionsthat arises among users who want to promote a group or channel in Telegram - how much do quality real Telegram subscribers cost? The price of the audience offered for cheating depends on various factors:

  • popularity and level of promotion of the seller of services;
  • quality of subscribers;
  • speed of adding followers;
  • seller's expenses for advertising their own services.

Different sites offer different prices. The minimum prices for cheating followers start from 200 rubles per 1000. It is almost impossible to determine the upper limit. Live Telegram subscribers from the SMMSTATS.COM cheat program are inexpensive. We offer a wide range of prices. Initially, the prices for followers start from 230 rubles for 1 thousand subscribers of the highest quality. Register on the site right now and personally evaluate all the benefits of cooperation with the market leader in SMM services.


Artificial cheating on social networks is always a risk of falling into the field of view of Telegram security filters and getting banned. An uncontrolled increase in the indicator on the counter will sooner or later be noticed. Especially when it comes to adding bots. Do you want to avoid possible problems?

Interested in real live subscribers in Telegram? The SMMSTATS.COM website offers the best audience. We use unique systems for crediting resources and the speed of adding followers, taking into account the popularity and degree of promotion of the channel. All this allows you to bypass social network security algorithms and prevent unwanted consequences. We know exactly how to gain subscribers to the Telegram channel not only quickly, but also safely.


Buying followers on the SMMSTATS.COM website is a sequence of several stages, during which even a beginner will have no difficulty. To buy subscribers in Telegram, you should:

  • Register on the site. The registration procedure takes only a few minutes.
  • Log in to your personal account.
  • Top up your account balance through payment systems or with a bank card.
  • Select the service "Telegram Channel Followers".
  • Specify the number of followers for promotion and a link to the channel (group, etc.).
  • Press the "buy now" button.

The service is provided automatically. Within a few hours after submitting an application, you can go to the channel and check how the promotion is going.


Everyone is well aware that the basis for the promotion of a Telegram channel or group is a large number of followers that set the right pace for development and becoming popular. It is thanks to the large audience of subscribers that many channels rise from scratch and gain immense popularity.

Despite this, cheating only followers is unlikely to guarantee 100% success. It is a mistake to engage in attracting new users and not paying attention, for example, to views. The thing is that a channel or group is evaluated by several criteria at once. One of them is profile activity, including post views.

Telegram Views is the number of people who viewed posts or posts. Therefore, if you decide to wind up Telegram with artificial methods, you should take care of adding views in the group and on the channel.

The SMMSTATS.COM website will help you get Telegram views quickly, without registration and complicated procedures. The best views from real users will significantly increase profile activity and help make the channel or group more visible to other users.


Users who are busy with the problem of getting views are primarily interested in the cost of paid resource acquisition services. Of course, investing in promotion should be deliberate, having previously studied the average market prices.

The SMMSTATS panel offers the best views in terms of quality. At the same time, other sites operate at a higher price list. When choosing, it is not necessary to bet on the maximum or minimum. It is enough to find a trusted seller and buy Telegram views at the right price.

You can make a profitable purchase right now on the SMMSTATS.COM website. A wide range of prices and views of different quality will allow you to choose the best option for cheating and not overpay in price.


If a lot of people subscribe to the channel, but there are no views of the records, this means that the published content is not very interesting for users. Even with a large audience, but low activity, it will be difficult to achieve a rise in the TOP. This means that the promotion of Telegram views is necessary for everyone who is interested in fast promotion in the social network. An artificial increase in the indicator on the counter will help not only to quickly rise in the Telegram rating, but also:

  • Promote publications. Viewers are eager to view content that other users have already paid attention to. Views in this case act as an indicator of the quality of publications. You will be able to boost views in Telegram and thereby attract real views to an interested audience.
  • Determine the interests of the target audience. It is the views that will tell you which topics are best for users, and which ones do not arouse the slightest interest. Thus, you can understand in which direction to develop the channel so that the interest of users grows by leaps and bounds.
  • Adjust audience attention . If some entries were not noticed by users, you can organize the addition of Telegram to view channels for money and thereby increase interest in specific content.
  • Increase the level of trust and loyalty from potential customers. Do you use a Telegram channel or group to promote goods or services? Cheat views in the Telegram channel will promote the brand and increase the demand for the products offered.
  • Increase ad revenue. For any advertiser , it is important not only how many people are subscribed to the channel, but also the number of views of publications. Therefore, the more views under your posts, the more expensive advertising will cost. Just wind up views and boldly raise the price tag for services.

As you already understood, paid or free Telegram views really work and bring obvious benefits. Thanks to artificial promotion, you can not only popularize your project, but also ensure good monetization of your stay on the network - a stable decent income. Do not forget that cheating views from real people really works and brings its “fruits”. Telegram view cheat bots are ineffective and risky. Order SMM promotion from SMM STATS right now and see for yourself the quality of the services provided.


Promotion in Telegram, for a fee or on your own, is not the safest event. Without exception, social networks are making efforts to prevent artificial increase in resources. That is why it is worth using services with a proven reputation and preparing an account for SMM promotion.

What needs to be done?

  1. Give the channel a finished look. Set an avatar, fill in the background, basic data, etc.
  2. Fill in the technical settings.
  3. Publish at least 5-6 interesting publications. Content should be posted gradually, adhering to the principle of regularity. The information must be really interesting so that users who come to the community or channel want to subscribe.
  4. Independently add to the maximum of subscribers and increase the number of views. Invite your acquaintances, friends, work colleagues to subscribe. Boosting a Telegram channel from scratch can attract the attention of social network filters. At the same time, the promotion of an account that already has its own audience and high activity rates will not be noticed.

Following simple recommendations will allow you to quickly prepare the channel for paid promotion. As a result, the promotion will be more successful and will bear fruit, help you achieve your goals. The main thing is to use the services of the SMMSTATS.COM website and know when to stop.


You can cheat users or views in Telegram not only with the help of paid SMM promotion. Quite often, users do not want to overpay for virtual services and seek to get views or subscribers for free. Self-promotion will benefit those who have only recently registered on a social network and are gaining experience, “taking their first steps”. The main advantages of free promotion:

  • You don't pay money. Subscribers subscribe and views are added free of charge.
  • You do not depend on intermediaries and sellers - you decide how and when to add resources, thereby gaining invaluable experience on the platform.
  • Attempts to cheat yourself expand the circle of contacts, provide many new acquaintances.
  • Self-promotion of the Telegram channel ensures that users who are really interested in the proposed product come to the page.

Having decided to do your own promotion of a channel or group, you should not think that everything will go “like clockwork”. Indeed, free promotion can be beneficial and has many advantages. However, this promotion option also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantages of free promotion:

  • You will spend a lot of time and effort, but you are unlikely to get the result you expect at first.
  • The cheating will occur spontaneously and very unpredictably - if necessary, you will not be able to control it.
  • Free promotion almost always involves participation in spam, which is fraught with blocking or negative attitude from users.
  • Using free programs and sites to cheat resources is always a high risk of getting a virus or other malicious software on your computer, and losing important data.

As you already understood, boosting a Telegram channel for free does not always bring the expected result, and sometimes even ends very badly. That is why any actions to expand the audience and popularize in social networks should be thought out to the smallest detail. Be extremely careful and cautious. Use the services of professional SMM specialists who are ready to offer excellent quality at an affordable price.


SMM Panel SMMSTATS.COM offers professional promotion in Telegram at an affordable price. Thanks to the work of a team of specialists, your community or channel will become more popular, frequently visited and well-recognized on the Web, and will get a chance to be in the TOP positions of the rating.

The service creates a visible increase in the audience by adding subscribers and views. Thanks to this, new people will begin to pay attention to your resource and make subscriptions on their own, be active in your profile.

We wind up only live users in Telegram communities or channels. Why is it worth winding up Telegram using the SMMSTATS.COM website? The advantages of cooperation with us are obvious:

  • Adequate prices for services - an order of magnitude lower than the average market.
  • Fast and guaranteed results.
  • The best quality resources.
  • A working support service - our managers promptly answer questions and solve problems that have arisen.
  • Simple and clear interface.
  • Detailed description of each service.
  • The ability to order promotion from a computer or any other device with access to the Internet.
  • Guarantees.
  • Affiliate program - allows you to invite new users and receive passive income in the amount of 15% of the amount of replenishment of referrals.
  • We work with proven payment systems and guarantee the security of financial transactions.
  • We do not ask for logins and passwords, other personal data when registering or authorizing.
  • Work with the site takes place online, without downloading and installing additional software.
  • We work on the territory of all CIS countries.
  • We select an individual promotion speed for each profile in order to protect the profile from blocking and other penalties from the administration.

The SMMSTATS.COM service is made up of specialists with extensive experience who know the intricacies of SMM promotion in social networks. Over the years, we have received hundreds of positive customer reviews in various areas of Telegram promotion. Buying views or subscribers with us is as simple as possible. Submit an application - everything else will be done by our program and company employees.


Competent SMM promotion in social networks allows you to achieve popularity in the shortest possible time and gather a large audience of fans. In order for the paid promotion of Telegram to be more effective, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Avoid overly long posts. Users of social networks make a choice in favor of conciseness and quality. Followers rarely pay attention to too abstruse “sheets”.
  • Choose the right time to post based on your target audience.
  • Plan to fill the channel or group with content. No need to post too many posts in a day. Make a clear posting plan and stick to it.
  • Keep statistics. On the network, you can find many auxiliary programs for evaluating work in Telegram. Periodically reviewing the main indicators, you will be able to understand whether you are moving in the right direction and take adequate measures in a timely manner.
  • Do not refuse mutual "PR". Offer mutual advertising to newcomers like you more often. This way of promotion always works.
  • Run contests regularly. Thus, you "force" other users to advertise your project on their own in exchange for valuable gifts.

To date, the SMMSTATS.COM website is the best paid promotion service in Telegram, with the help of which it is possible not only to retain, but also increase the audience.

The Telegram promotion service will ensure that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, but only if the type and content of your project meets the expectations of the public and the latest fashion trends in 2022!