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Are you an aspiring musician or local band and would like to experience the impact of Spotify on streaming to reach more fans of your music?

We can help!

Our SMM Panel for Spotify makes it easy for you to buy streams or plays at the most affordable price, so your music can quickly rise above the clutter, greatly increasing your chances of being discovered by new fans and music labels.

Provide your Spotify user link, buy Spotify listeners, likes or plays or saves, and in a few minutes you will start seeing notifications.


Music streaming service and social network Spotify remains today the market leader, which officially pays royalties to all authors. A promoted profile is much more often recommended to users, which further increases its popularity and, accordingly, the popularity of the user's music. Spotify promotion allows you to increase activity on your account in a short time, which will subsequently start a chain reaction of subscriptions and listening.


Promoting artists through Spotify allows an aspiring musician to make himself known to the world, thereby shortening the path to finding a record company and producer. Spotify promotion helps to create the feeling that the user's music and the author himself is popular or gaining popularity. Users are more willing to listen to tracks and subscribe to those artists who already have a significant number of plays and subscribers. Also Spotify cheat helps:

  • attract people to the music of the author due to more frequent promotion to the recommended tracks and playlists;
  • increase the popularity of the profile due to the actions of Spotify algorithms that independently advertise music - ranking is based on the number of plays and the overall popularity of the music;
  • increase the popularity of the musician's own brand.

Spotify promotion is one of the main tools for promoting an artist and his music, which can also make good money.


Spotify is a social network and music streaming service. Listening is possible from any device with Internet access - PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and even TV with OS based on Android. The company today remains the leader in the music streaming market, holding between 34 and 38 market shares. That is why Spotify promotion is a great chance for a young composer, singer or arranger to break into the music world.


It is a mistake to assume that the best online services for gadgets belong to the top Apple company. The Apple Music service is really good, but it has long been replaced by the more advanced and faster Spotify. It allows you to stream music, audiobooks and podcasts without downloading them to your smartphone / tablet, and works almost flawlessly - without freezes, interruptions or delays. For those who want to use it to promote creativity or online business, Spotify subscriber cheat is suitable . After all, without them today it is impossible to develop any Internet project.


First of all, subscription growth is needed by creative individuals who use Spotify to promote their author's compositions. It is extremely difficult to interest the public on your own, even with great creative potential - the competition is too great. But the artificial boost Spotify followers will just give you the very initial impetus that will lead to a natural increase in popularity in the future. This is guaranteed to work for the following reasons:

  1. the public prefers to get acquainted with already promoted content;
  2. in addition to listening, users want to read comments left by other listeners;
  3. with an increase in subscription, the relevance of the content will also increase, which will increase the reach of the audience.

There is nothing complicated in the promotion of a subscription. It is conducted with the participation of real users - without bots and fraudulent schemes. To order the service, it is enough to use our SMMSTATS.COM service. We will help you get subscribers on Spotify - in the right amount, and for the specified period of time. For novice authors, this service is simply indispensable, and you will see for yourself by trying to promote your content yourself.


The popular platform Spotify offers a wide range of music streaming options. The type of the receiving device does not matter. It can be a personal computer, a portable gadget, or a game console. Due to the versatility and wide variety of content (more than 50,000,000 songs online), the service is rapidly developing and has already begun to be actively used in online entrepreneurship. Inccrease plays in Spotify has become one of the most popular services and, among other things, is implemented on our SMM panel SMMSTATS.COM!


For beginner musicians, Spotify is simply indispensable. By uploading author's music to it, you get access to 100 million people from all over the world who listen to music in streaming mode (streaming), and can accidentally stumble upon any "not promoted" composition.

Before becoming popular on Spotify , many contemporary artists built their primary audiences from completely random people. This gave its results, and required minimal financial investments from the authors. By ordering artificial promotion Spotify Plays by real users from us, you get:

  1. instant launch of the order (immediately after payment);
  2. discounts on subsequent orders;
  3. 100% guarantee for the completion of the task;
  4. attracting only real people (we do not use bots).

Instrumental compositions can successfully spread around the world. If your content is in Russian, only the CIS countries will be covered. Our referrals will actively listen to your content, thereby increasing its relevance and chances of getting into the TOP.

Before promote plays on Spotify, prepare a few "catchy" tracks to interest potential listeners. They will help you form a primary team of fans when added to recommendations, after which the development of your account will go on the rise - without financial investments and advertising!


In Spotify, audio tracks are distributed not only by the method of random recommendations, but also through the standard "search" tool. So, by entering the name of the desired track or artist in the search line of the service, you will quickly find the content you need. For those who make money on the promotion of audio recordings, playback from the "search" also plays a crucial role. According to this indicator, Spotify algorithms evaluate the relevance of certain tracks and add them to recommendations.

If you want to artificially boost playback from the Spotify "search", it is enough to use the services of the SMM promotion service SMMSTATS.COM. The users we have attracted, depending on your needs, will actively listen to:

  1. tracks;
  2. albums;
  3. individual performers;
  4. compilation tracklists.

This will increase the popularity of the content, and its issuance in the "recommendations" to other users. Using the power of Spotify, you can order "in bulk" a large number of listening (playbacks) within a given time. Having published audio content, and not getting the attention it deserves from the audience, contact us and the issue will be resolved within a few days!


Spotify is currently one of the most popular online music streaming sites. Its most important plus is the ability to play tracks without downloading them to storage devices. Using any smartphone, tablet and laptop running Android, iOS, Linux or Windows, you can listen to your favorite music at any time without cluttering up the built-in and flash memory of the gadget.

f. Spotify provides truly unlimited possibilities, but with the authors, the situation is different. To get into recommendations and promote little-known content, it’s not enough just to increase your subscription. Therefore, many authors and performers use complex Spotify promotion packages, including:

  1. plays;
  2. saving tracks;

Together, these indicators can work wonders, and in a short time they can be used to popularize even an unknown, just written composition. Many young authors are already actively using this, and the SMMSTATS.COM SMM panel offers them the most favorable promotion conditions. You can also join their ranks and increase the popularity of your audio content on Spotify in a short time!


The popular music platform Spotify, developed by Swedish programmers in 2006, continues to gain popularity around the world. Today, more than 50% of all owners of mobile gadgets use it, and this can be successfully used to promote audio content. First of all, this will be useful for young, little-known performers, and popular authors who want to receive additional royalties for listening to tracks.

In order for an audio recording to rise in the rankings and often appear in recommendations, it must have a sufficient number of plays. For those for whom this indicator does not grow naturally, paid cheat services are suitable, for example - SMMSTATS.COCM. By paying a small amount, you will receive a stable growth of listeners within a month, as well as:

  1. eliminating the risks of blocking the channel;
  2. good discounts on subsequent orders;
  3. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Instrumental compositions can be promoted in all geographic regions, Russian-language ones - only in the Russian segment of Spotify. In any case, the promotion will not take much time, and in a month you will achieve good results both in terms of increasing subscriptions and increasing recognition of creativity.